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Antico System

You can spray  and or apply with roller, brush  or sponge all these finishes depending on the application system you may choose but all these products are very easy to apply.

For professional wood finishes to achieve the ultimate unique look on your floors.

The ANTICO SYSTEM is a water-based professional distressing system with no ammonia, dyes, and/or colouring agents. The final shades can be obtained solely through a reaction with wood, so this system is suitable for professional use only.

Antico system gives clients the opportunity to create their own personal colours and put together their own distressed looking floors where  no two floors will look the same.

After this treatment, the wood should be protected with Basin No Visible 2 component lacquers. 

Please contact us for  any more details on Antico System.

Antico Finishes create the aged looking floors by reacting with the tanning of the wood

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