Basin Adhesives

Basin's range of adhesives have been developed to ensure the flooring professional can rely upon the products providing excellent adhesion irrespective of the substrate on which the floor is fitted.

Basin has developed the 'ground breaking' Basibond Application Gun​ that can deliver adhesive to the floor 5x faster than conventional methods without mess and waste. Each adhesive has their own unique advantages and benefits which helps the professional choose the right adhesive for the job.

Basin has a range of no solvent Adhesives which are  strong and controlled elasticity  prevent the risk of loosening and bending the boards.

Basin  Spreaders that are manufactured from top quality German steel so will last for many years 

Adhesives and Application Gun
Basiplus Finished floor

There is no greater satisfaction than a wooden floor finished to the highest standard by the committed professional.

The finish prevents the colour of the wood from wearing away and further protects the surface from wear and tear.  So the type of finish is important to consider and depends on the conditions and location of your floor.

Basin produces a range of finishes from No Visible oils and Lacquers, Wood stains, Re-active stains, Patinas, Wood Oils and Hardwax finishes.

The final finish require  low maintenance due to the durable finish these products will give to your floor.

Wood Finishes
Basifon waterbased wood filler

Over the last decade there has been an unpresidented move away from the classic floor finishes and colours.

Basin has embraced these changes and developed a complete range of colour stains and ageing products. We supply the whole range of products that help in preparing the floor for it's colour and finish.

Basin's maintenance range ensures that your new floor is kept looking fresh as well as protected.

Basin wood filler is waterbased therefore no solvents and easy to use to fill up holes, knots, tears of furniture or parquet floors.

Preparation and Maintenance