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Wood Oil
Basin Wood Oil

WOOD OIL (PU-XXXX) is produced on a base of high-waterproofing vegetable oils (wood oil) and on a base of organic, odourless solvents. It is a high-quality, very reactive and hard oil that gives a perfect protection to the wood and an excellent resistance to household stains. This oil is applied in two layers. When using this finish.

WOOD OIL is available in a natural uncoloured version, that gives the wood a nice golden colour. There are coloured versions as well, to simply colour the wood. Ideal to use on wood work tops and table and doors.

Stain resistant and durable. Available in 0.75 & 2.5 litres and colours Natural: PU-0900
White: PU-5280,Grey: PU-5395,Wengé: PU-7520

Wood Polish or Tante Polly
Basin Tante Polly

Polishing Wax of superior quality, produced by the original recipe by Aunt Polly (from Wales). It is a mix of beeswax and fossil plant wax, which contains real turpentine.
The polishing wax is available in Ivory white (natural colour), Traditional yellow (light yellow) and Dark brown. These give a warm and antique colour. This extraordinary polishing wax gives a brilliant shine and accentuates the veins of the wood in a beautiful way. The wood obtains a high protection as polishing wax nourishes the wood and goes against dehydration, but also protects against humidity.

Primers and Blockers
Block Primer
Basin Block Primer

Transparent solvent-based primer

Block Primer is a filling primer based on organic solvents and specific resin, formulated to avoid changes in colour. The use of Block Primer is recommended before applying a water lacquer or varnish on rough wood,  water based stained wood (eg with Basiplus-stains) or certain old surfaces. Help to hold the colour of the wood.

Isolation Primer

Water based  Wood Primer

Isolation Primer HBN-08700 is a  primer for wood floors  applied before the finishing coat of water based products.

This products prevents discolorations of the wood and improves the adhesion of the clear coats. It is a water-based and ecological product.

  • Suitable for newly or completely sanded wood floors or interior wood products.

  • Especially suitable for exotic wood types, containing a lot of tannic acid.

  • On the Antico colour system, Isolation Primer can be as fixative layer before finishing with 2K water-based topcoats.

  • Can also be used to keep the colour of certain Nitro stain

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