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About Us

BASIN CHEMIE nv is specialised in manufacturing and distributing Wood finishes, Water Based Lacquers , Colour stains, Reactive Stains and Adhesives for over 60 years to the professional  wood industry.  We are at 'Fine Wood Finishes' a business partner and the sole distributor for Basin  products in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


We share Basin ethos in engaging with the professionals who have a passion for wood preparation and finishing (parquet and wood floor installers, decorators, carpenters, joiners).



​For more than half a century, Basin have established a good trustworthy reputation in the industrial woodworking market.  They have a comprehensive and progressive range of products (Wood Oils, No visible oils, Stains, Patina, Wood Fillers, Adhesives, Re-active stains, Maintenance products and Accessories). 


Basin Products ideally complement our existing range of Finishing and Maintenance Products. Basin are at the top in terms of product development for today's timber industry (Eco friendly finishes safe for humans and the environment). 


The use of ultra-modern production methods and carefully selected raw materials ensure that all their products are of the highest quality and ECO- Friendly. Such dedication is  the guarantee for the sustainable quality that is so characteristic of Basin.  A fast and efficient delivery service as well as an enthusiastic team help further ensure, whatever your project we will endeavour to provide the help and commitment for you to succeed.​​​​​​​​​​​​





















Basin & the environment

Environmental friendliness and waste management have become a priority for everyone nowadays. Reducing the use of polluting substances is, even in the construction and decoration industry, a very important point on the agenda. 


























Many years ago, Basin-ChemEco nv committed herself to respect the environment and place the health of the user above everything else when developing new products.

This intention has not been a hollow promise. BASIN has taken big steps as a responsible producer in a new green chemistry without reducing the quality and technical performance of her products. These ecological trademarks help BASIN distinguish herself on the market.

Our ecological commitments

- Continously work on the reduction of our environmental impact
- Optmize the quality and performance of our products
- Encourage our customers to work as environmental-friendly as possible
- Be a pioneer in the development and use of new technologies

The Brand With The Bee

Besides manufacturing and distributing ecological adhesives, varnishes, oils, stains and more for the refined wood industry, BASIN actively contributes to the preservation and conservation of our nature: we have 12 on-site beehives containing approximately 500.000 bees, that produce honey without any trace of toxic products.


Basin Chemie
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