No Visible Oil and Lacqures
No Visible Oil HPU 5001
No Visible Lava HPC 6007
Basin No Visible Lava 6007
  • Invisible finish HPU 5001 is for all your wood flooring, furniture or any other interior wooden objects.

  •  This ecological, hybrid oil, based on a mixer of oil and water-based resins, gives the wood a completely natural look, without gloss, which conserves the natural colour of the wood perfectly.

  • Suitable for light coloured wood only.

  • Great to finish Table tops and work tops or any light coloured furniture

  • Available in 2.5 litres and 1.0 litres cans

  • Covers approx 10m2 per litre per coat

  • Invisible and ultra  matt look (gloss rate 2%)

  • Ecological with very low VOC 

  • Easy to apply with an aqua roller 

  • Quick drying 

  • No yellowing over time with UV protection 

  • Easy maintenance with a damp mop

  • Not suitable for veneers thinner than ± 1.5 mm (Read Tech Data Sheet)

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  • ​No Visible Lava HPC-6007 is a finish for the professional use.

  • No Visible Lava is a  2 component water based finish

  • Suitable  for finishing all types of parquet, engineered  and solid reclaimed wood floors  (only for light coloured wood).

  • Perfectly maintains the colour and natural gloss of the wood.

  • It provides a natural protection, totally invisible and without gloss that perfectly conserves the charm of untreated wood.

  • Very low VOC-emissions and High ecological performances (conform EN-71.3)

  • No yellowing  with UV protection

  • Not suited for veneer (= wood of which the thickness of the massive wooden wearing course is smaller than 2,5 mm = view WTCB), wood in kitchens (round the stove, tabletops, ...) and bathrooms (rooms that are too moist).

  • Not suited on industrially prefinished parquet or sandblasted wood.

  • Available in 5.0 litres 

  • Covers approx 10m2 per litre each coat 

  • Quick drying

  • For cleaning and Maintenance use the Basin Matt Refresher

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No Visible HPC 5007
  •  No Visible HPC-5007 is a new generation  2 component waterbased parquet finishing  product which combines high performance 

  • Perfectly maintains the colour and natural gloss of the wood.

  • Very low VOC.

  • Dries quickly.

  • No yellowing throughout time* with UV protection

  • Suitable for new or untreated,  sanded wood or parquet floors in living rooms and high traffic commercial floors

  • Also for all wooden applications in interior (massive wooden parts of furniture, panelling, etc.).

  • Only suitable for clear wood types (oak, spruce, maple, ash and beech).

  • Available in 2.5 litres

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No Visible Nuance HPC 5009
Basin No Visible Nuance HPC 5009
No Visible Oil Darkwood HPU 5003
Basin No Visible Oil Darkwood HPU 5003
  • This invisible 2 component water-based varnish is designed for finishing new, untreated or freshly sanded wood and  parquet floors.

  • 2 Component water based finish for interior use

  • No Visible Nuance is a variant of No Visible oil With this variant it is possible to obtain a natural protection on all types of wood (without creating a whitish layer on dark and exotic types).

  • Suitable to use on  exotic and dark coloured wood

  • Quick drying

  • Stain resistant 

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  • This invisible 1 component water-based oil has the characteristics of a varnish and is designed for finishing new, untreated or freshly sanded parquet and wood floors

  • Eco Friendly with very low VOC levels

  • Ideal to finish darker wood furniture

  • Quick drying

  • Stain Resistant  

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