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Basintage Reactive Stains
  • The BASINTAGE RS collection is a revolutionary reactive colour system for wood that exists out of 2 component ecological water-based stains (with an activator) that give an antique appearance to the wood. Thanks to their lightfast high-end hues, these stains are suitable for all types of wood.

  • Attention: always use the advanced technology of the BASIN finishing products to ensure the non yellowing appearance of the wood.

  • View technical datasheet before use.

  • 100 % ecological
    Water-based and with colour dyes that do not contain any heavy metals.

  • Stable and reproducible stains
    The aged parquet manufacturing business searches for stable antique finishes in time for large productions and reproducible products for their resellers.

  • Revolutionary
    One can obtain an aged look in only one (stain) layer, while the traditional antique staining method requires multiple applications.

  • Stability under light exposure
    The shades are light-stable provided that they are covered with 3 coats of BASIFIX to protect them against the yellowing of the wood.

  • Washable aged effect
    After application with the BASINTAGE RS stain and drying, one can wash the wood with water and obtain a washed effect that gives another type of “aged” effect.

  • Unlimited choice of wood species
    One can colour wood species like American oak, softwood, light-coloured exotic wood etc.

  • Oiled finish 
    The BASINTAGE RS stains can be treated with BASINTAGE OIL.

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